Third National Moot Court Competition

Organised by
School of Law
AURO University, Surat

March 3rd - 5th, 2017

About ALC (Auro Litigiosus Committee)

  • Auro Litigiosus Committee is the mooting society of Auro University. Constituted in 2016, it has already successfully conducted two intra moots.

    The agenda/aim behind constituting ALC was to bring in a primary body which would encourage, conduct and smoothen the mooting process in the university. To help students moot better, ALC conducts workshops and seminars to facilitate and enhance the research abilities, cognitive as well as analytical capabilities of our law students. After much deliberation, debates and dialogues amongst its students and faculties, ALC was constituted by inducting the meritorious mooters of the law school. The core committee was democratically elected by majority voting.

    The objective of ALC is to inculcate and nurture the culture of mooting because mooting is an essential drill of mastering lawyering skill before entering an actual court.

Faculty Convener

  • Ms. Ruchita Chakraborty

    The modus operendi for acquiring lawyering skills, begins in the law schools with mooting. It is an unparalleled exercise that brings forth an opportunity to the students to manifest their oratory, cognitive and research skills. Moot court competitions have been a long standing tradition in the arena of legal education. Following the familiar footsteps, we bring to you the 3rd AURO National Moot Court Competition.

    I, as a faculty convener could not have been more delighted to declare the 3rd AURO National Moot Court Competition. We as a team have worked day and night to ensure that all participants have an outstanding experience. We sincerely hope that you share our excitement when you arrive and our sentiments when you leave.

    I look forward to witness this immerse energy from the budding lawyers who would come, moot, argue, defend, win, and emerge as winners. I hope you have an experience like you've never had before!

Faculty Members

  • Mr. Deepu Krishna

    Mooting is an integral part of law school life which is like a law student’s first-hand experience with the practical part of learning of this competitive field. AURO University stresses on Mental, Physical, Vital and Spiritual education of its students. Moot court competitions tests a candidate on all these levels. Since, Law graduation is more of practical learning than theoretical, it being a professional degree each law student should have an experience of the same. The topic of 3rd Moot Court Competition and the prestigious list of dignitaries of this competition makes it a must attend, should participate event amongst law schools in the country.

  • Ms. Sejal Chandak

    Being an active member of the mooting society in my student life, I feel exhilarated to be on board as a Faculty Coordinator of ALC. Mooting has been one the most interesting and challenging aspect of my legal education and hence I understand the delicacies of subtle art that mooting is. I firmly believe that mooting is the essence for a wholesome legal experience. I wish that we make this event leave a mark on the mooting circuit and that this becomes the event that everybody waits for year after year.

  • Ms. Aadya Dube

    I have been a debater since my school days and I know how these events shape the entire personality of an individual. Courtroom is another story altogether. That is what Moot Court Competitions do. To be able to get a proper experience first hand and a memorable one at that, even before you enter a real life court is a privilege and a great opportunity. That is what we are aiming for and I hope this event exceeds your expectations and you cherish this experience for a lifetime.

Core Comittee

  • Anmol Patel - President

    Since my first national moot, BCI moot, I have been in love with mooting. Each one enhanced what I learned in the classroom. Mooting also took me closer to the study of logic and validity of arguments. As the president of ALC, I strive to share my love for researching and making averments with other law students. At the same time, I enjoy orating, deliberating on socio-economic issues of importance, writing poetry, and reading philosophy.

  • Shahbaz Malbari - Vice President

    Mooting is an indispensable part of a law student's learning process and I have always believed that knowledge is the only fortune that expands by sharing. Mooting is one such activity where one gets a chance of sharing his/her understanding and in addition, learn at the same time. I am honored to join this committee as a Vice President, so as to pass on my experience to forthcoming batches of AURO Law School.

  • Krusha Bhatt - Secretary

    I am a 4th year Law student, and also being a National Mooter twice I believe that mooting helps you to become thorough with the subject that you are approaching to moot on, it apart from mooting and researching skills, develops team management, leadership and most importantly time management, that how along with your ongoing semester you balance doing extensive activity as “Mooting”.

  • Naika Salaria - Treasurer

    Mooting is a great way to develop advocacy skills and get legal experience for a law student. The best way to learn how to moot is to participate in one and enhance the skills. Mooting helps a student to learn how and where to execute his legal knowledge. This mooting club gives students a platform to polish their skills and advance in their subject. I, being the Treasurer of ALC would be happy to promote students to enhance their skills at much greater platform.


  • Akshat Thakkar

    Mooting is such a skill which everyone does not possess, and such skills cannot be taught but can be developed with self-learning abilities. My 1st National Moot on Criminal Law made me passionate for mooting. After that, I realised Organising a Mooting event is equally important then to participate in Moot Competitions. “Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we Miss” quoted by F. Scott Fitzgerald but I cannot afford to lose such a great opportunity of being a part of ALC. ALC is such a platform which gives me good exposure and experience of mooting & organising it, and I am honored to be the member of ALC.

  • Annesha Varghese

    Mooting contributes a lot in a law student's career. It helps to build confidence and the skills of orating and researching. From my experience of National moot competition, the period of preparation, research, long hours in library and team work prepares us for those few days in which we get practical insight to the real life of law profession. Being a part of ALC has helped me develop my skills and grow personally and professionally.

  • Deepti Babel

    Mooting definitely sharpens one’s research skills. I would not be able to put in words all that I have gained from the experience of my National and Inter-college Moot Court Competition but among other things it taught me: “How to work with a team with differing expectations, unequal levels of execution and opposite countenances”. Being a member of ALC has been another great exposure which has helped me to explore myself within the core.

  • Aditya Mistri

    Mooting and research is inseparable for law student.Whereas Taking part in moots will help in developing fluency and also gives one experience in the art of persuasion and My experience with mooting is to do all the hard work and research, be unexpected and deliver the best And the hard work increase the passion for reading and research and being part of ALC committee which gives good opportunity and experience. Happy mooting :)

  • Deepesh Soni

    From the very early stage of my life I was very interested in speaking, debating and current affairs. Therefore I chose law as I felt that it to be very interesting. Mooting, the basic requirement of a lawyer attracts different qualities of a person like researching, analysing,etc. Being a part of ALC as a committee develops team management, leadership and most importantly time management, that how along with your ongoing semester you balance doing extensive activity as “Mooting”.

  • Faisal Rushnaiwala

    My first impression of mooting and researching was that it is too cumbersome. However, with experience I realised the importance moot plays in the life of a law student and how much fun it can be once you indulge yourself to the core. Hence being a part of a committee such as ALC is an honour in itself. Apart from mooting what I enjoy most is reading about current affairs and playing outdoor sports. I strongly believe that if you work hard then play harder.

  • Dhruvee Patel

    Mooting - a raise for discussion, ideas and possibilities, along with its research, is that craving for knowledge that made me love it after I participated in the first moot. Being a part of ALC committee, I look forward to ameliorate my skills for mooting and research. Being a law student, I believe mooting will increase my advocacy skills and this platform will help with my passion for reading and providing with opportunities.

  • Tanay Vyas

    Being a law student moot should be something which should be done by everybody because the experience you get in a moot court is worth experiencing. Being a ALC member i look forward to improve my skills in mooting as it has always been an area of interest for me. Mooting is an art which enhances your writing and organization skills and also improves your skills in research and analysis. It teaches you the spirit of team work and will help you work closely with your teammates towards a common goal. It is more of a practical knowledge than the bookish knowledge and the Employers today are looking for more than just a good degree, they are looking for students to show they have some of the practical skills set out above.

  • Shivam Sharma

    Mooting is the oral presentation of a legal problem or issue against an opposite and before a judge. It is perhaps the closest experience that a student can have whilst at university to appearing in court. Through my first intra moot, I got an opportunity to experience and learn more about the art of mooting and made me more enthusiastic.

  • Jash Chaliawala

    Smartness is a weapon of a successful lawyer and the key to enhance this skill is "mooting". Mooting is for a person who craves knowledge,as soon as i drafted my first memorandum and proceeded with my first pleading, i fell in love with this art. I enjoy the thrill of the event as every-time a problem is read, a statute is understood or a provision is applied, it always develops a new meaning. ALC is a perfect platform to polish my skills and reach my zenith. As once a wise man said,"A single lawyer with a briefcase can overpower an armed mob."