Third National Moot Court Competition

Organised by
School of Law
AURO University, Surat

March 3rd - 5th, 2017


  • ALC proudly presents the 3rd edition of AURO Moot Court Competition to be held from 3rd-5th March 2017. The theme of the competition is “Surrogacy”.

    Surrogacy is a topic which is being deliberated internationally with many nations legalizing the same or are in the process of legalizing on one hand while some being in absolute opposition to such legalization. Surrogacy does not only include considerations about legal formalities and nitty-gritty’s but also ponder upon on the moral, ethical and religious stand points. Should a woman be allowed to rent her womb? Should law have a say in something this personal? Is surrogacy a boon or a bane in our present scenario? Whenever the issue of surrogacy is touched upon, these are few of the many questions that arise in our minds.

    With the new bill being introduced in the Indian Parliament which out rightly banes commercial surrogacy and allows only altruistic surrogacy, we want our students to contemplate the diversity of issues regarding this. When we weigh these arguments against each other, where does surrogacy stand in the constitutional light? Surrogacy not only includes the right of surrogate child and surrogate mother but also the aspirations of those who are keen to have a biological child.

    Now it is for you to put your thinking cap on, explore, contemplate and enjoy the mooting experience!