Fourth National Moot Court Competition

Organised by
School of Law
AURO University, Surat

March 16th 17th 18th, 2018

About ALC (Auro Litigiosus Committee)

  • Auro Litigiosus Committee is the mooting society of Auro University. Constituted in 2016, it has already successfully conducted two intra moot

    The agenda/aim behind constituting ALC was to bring in a primary body which would encourage, conduct and smoothen the mooting process in the university. To help students moot better, ALC conducts workshops and seminars to facilitate and enhance the research abilities, cognitive as well as analytical capabilities of our law students. After much deliberation, debates and dialogues amongst its students and faculties, ALC was constituted by inducting the meritorious mooters of the law school. The core committee was democratically elected by majority voting.

    The objective of ALC is to inculcate and nurture the culture of mooting because mooting is an essential drill of mastering lawyering skill before entering an actual court.

  • Deepti Babel

    Mooting definitely sharpens one’s research skills. I would not be able to put in words all that I have gained from the experience of my National and Inter-college Moot Court Competition but among other things it taught me: “How to work with a team with differing expectations, unequal levels of execution and opposite countenances”. Being a member of ALC has been another great exposure which has helped me to explore myself within the core.

  • Dhruvee Patel

    Mooting - a raise for discussion, ideas and possibilities, along with its research, is that craving for knowledge that made me love it after I participated in the first moot. Being a part of ALC committee, I look forward to ameliorate my skills for mooting and research. Being a law student, I believe mooting will increase my advocacy skills and this platform will help with my passion for reading and providing with opportunities.

  • Ashutosh Agarwal

    In this highly competitive and opinionated world in the field of Law, Moot Court Competitions act as a facet of change that we as individuals go through. Beginning from reading the moot preposition till defending the arguments in front of the opposition and Coram, it is a journey of transformation. It is an experience which puts us in the shoe of responsibility that we as future lawyers have to pursue. And being a part of ALC, it has provided me a platform to work together as a committee and enhance the knowledge. One of our main motives is developing this moot culture as it helps us to boost our self-confidence and Moreover helps us to apply the theoretical knowledge practically.

  • Mariya Daginawala

    Mooting is just not about law or lawyer it’s about the individual as a whole. Mooting helped me embrace the confidence of a lawyer as well as a public speaker. It is a common misconception that mooting involves proving your point but it’s the opposite it involves listening to others, learning and accepting our shortcomings as well. Moot court gives an opportunity to research in areas which are normally not included in law school curriculum and are in consonance with the practical world. It gives you an opportunity to think from different perspectives and not just restrict yourself to law. The enhancement of listening skills, understanding skills, logical thinking and court room ethics play a major part in shaping up my personality. Lastly, mooting is a ‘journey’ not just of learning but of memories. ALC for me is not just a mooting committee but a platform which inspires, motivates and challenges me to work hard towards success.


    “There is an old saying that cases are won in chambers not in court – the same applies with Mooting” says Niall Coghlan. Mooting is an art which teaches us one important thing, “No matter if you lose, you will never end up being a loser, but a learner”. Indeed mooting requires great hard-work, but to achieve something we have to face some hard time. Considering about my experience, I have also seen hard times fighting with the situations and circumstances, but every single moot strengthen my inner confidence to go for more. For me mooting has always been a negative motivation, where it shivered my confidence but encouraged me to fight back.

  • Annesha Varghese

    Mooting contributes a lot in a law student's career. It helps to build confidence and the skills of orating and researching. From my experience of National moot competition, the period of preparation, research, long hours in library and team work prepares us for those few days in which we get practical insight to the real life of law profession. Being a part of ALC has helped me develop my skills and grow personally and professionally.

  • Tanay Vyas

    Being a law student moot should be something which should be done by everybody because the experience you get in a moot court is worth experiencing. Being a ALC member i look forward to improve my skills in mooting as it has always been an area of interest for me. Mooting is an art which enhances your writing and organization skills and also improves your skills in research and analysis. It teaches you the spirit of team work and will help you work closely with your teammates towards a common goal. It is more of a practical knowledge than the bookish knowledge and the Employers today are looking for more than just a good degree, they are looking for students to show they have some of the practical skills set out above.

  • Krishna Sharma

    I believe that mooting helps you to become thorough with the subject that you are approaching to moot on. My experience with mooting is to do all the hard work and research, where first I should be convinced about rationale of putting or not acceptance of the provisions and thereby deliver to the Judges, so then only one can convince the judges. Research work in moot is main aspect to learn rationale of the Laws. Mooting is addiction for me, as I get frustrated, if don’t get proper argument of the Case.

  • Ishaan Bhadani

    Learning the art of mooting is the most exciting part of the Law course. Mooting helped me get rid of the stage fear which I always had wanted to remove. I was very scared at the first time when I had to moot, but when it got over, I was full of self confidence and self belief. The concepts of fundamental topics of moot problems got very clear as I had to research and dig on those topics alot. Mooting helps the students develop both research and oratory skills both of which are the most essential elements for an aspiring Lawyer. A good Mooter is a good Lawyer. And therefore, the culture of mooting is specifically emphasized upon in Auro Law School by the Auro Litigious Committee.

  • Palash wadhwani

    Mooting is the presentation of legal arguments before judges. It is not just about presentation sometimes it is about  in what order you present your arguments. Mooting is all about oral pleading and the research work. Mooting helps us in engaging with interesting legal issues and also helps us in improving our advocacy, legal research and writing skills. Mooting helps me in improving my speaking and presentation skills and taught me that how the arguments can be arranged in such an order that it easy for mooter to present legal issue before the judge. ALC encourages students to moot and organises national moot court competition every year to promote the culture of mooting.

  • Sahil Charniya

    Mooting was one of those compelling reasons which persuaded me to choose law as a career. It stands as an excellent ideal for what sort of activities must be included in the law curriculum. Unlike many fields, success merely in exams does not necessarily guarantee one’s success as a lawyer. Apart from mere academics, a law student needs to possess practical skills such as being on one’s toes, the art of persuasion, simplifying complex situations, clear communication, excellent writing skills, thorough research and likewise. To master such crucial skills which stand as prerequisites to survive in the field of law, one must never compromise on an opportunity to moot!

  • Tanvi  Menon

    I believe that mooting is the closest experience a law student gets of a real court , it basically is the oral presentation of a legal issue before an opposing counsel and a judge. It helps in understanding and application of law and etiquettes better. It helps in developing your  language and logical skills. Mooting always forces you to think outside the box and find loopholes while applying different laws to the presented case. Being a part of ALC only increases chances of sharing the experience of mooting with others and hopefully this platform also helps in encouraging others to moot in the future. Mooting not only increases your self confidence but also improves your writing and thinking too.


    Philosophy is something which interests me a lot and through mooting I get to learn about various divergent philosophies of law. Being a first year student, I wasn’t much into mooting until my first intra moot. I got to learn about various aspects of mooting like drafting, researching and presentation which are the core elements of being a lawyer. Presentation and oration is something I always wished to do since my school days and getting an opportunity to orate in front of people and judges. ALC is one such committee through which I can prosper and evolve my hobby of mooting. On a personal note, I feel that getting an opportunity to orate in front of people and judges is an indispensable and invaluable feeling for any law student.


    I believe mooting is a very important activity in every law student’s life. It enables us to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application in real life. Mooting simulates the complexities of real life probable cases and thus trains us to deal with the ensuing challenges in a controlled environment. It ensures better understanding of subjects, human behaviour, case laws and also human psychology. It provides us an opportunity to learn and experience beyond classroom teaching. Mooting has not only helped me develop confidence in myself but also helped me appreciate the art and skills of rational thinking through drafting, researching and arguing from both sides of the problem. In particular, ALC has been that one platform which has provided me the desired space to hone my skills, find my strengths and learn to confront the challenges that come up for a student of law. ALC has made me realise not just the challenges but also the academic thrill of mooting.