Fourth National Moot Court Competition

Organised by
School of Law
AURO University, Surat

March 16th 17th 18th, 2018


  • AURO University is grounded in value based education and imparts integral learning and leadership, where the mind, body and spirit are aligned and prepared to embark on a journey of lifelong enrichment for both, the individual and the community. Our value based education is driven by our mission of providing integral and transformational education to our students. We firmly believe that education must not be limited purely to academic learning. At AURO, our focus will be to develop all faculties of an individual to ensure holistic development.


  • AURO law school works on the guiding principles of Shri Aurobindo and the Divine Mother. It was institutionalized in the year 2012 and envisioned to provide its students with a demand-driven, academically rigorous, educational and stimulating learning experience in an all-inclusive environment. It aims to become one of the best private law schools in India by 2020 and create close partnership/ collaboration with top law schools. It shall strive to become a center for research, excellence and expose students to new ideas and offer them innovative problem solving and learning environment with a special focus on integral education.

    ALS endeavors to become a leading think-tank in India by striving to become a Centre for Research Excellence through creation of research centers, awarding research grants for undertaking research projects and creating impetus through faculty research.

About ALC (Auro Litigiosus Committee)

  • AURO Litigiousus Committee is the mooting society of AURO University. Constituted in 2016, it has already successfully conducted 3rd national moot competition and three intra moots.

    The agenda/aim behind constituting ALC was to bring in a primary body which would encourage, conduct and smoothen the mooting process in the university. to help students moot better, ALC conducts workshops and seminars to facilitate and enhance the research abilities, cognitive as well as analytical capabilities of our law students. After much deliberation, debates and dialogues amongst its students and faculties, ALC was constituted by inducting the meritorious mooters of the law school.

    The objective of ALC is to inculcate and nurture the culture of mooting because mooting is an essential drill of mastering lawyering skill before entering an actual court.